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FIRE ALARM:                                                 

The internal fire alarm in each room will sound if a fire is detected in any of the hall rooms.


Fafield Village Hall - Fire & Safety Plan



There are 3 external fire exits indicated with illuminated exit signs and located at:

  • Main Hall porch exit

  • Small Hall exit

  • Entrance Foyer exit



The assembly area is the area to the front of the carpark by the gate.


If you see a fire:


Raise the alarm & leave the building by the nearest available safe exit route, do not stop or go back to collect personal belongings.

Call the Emergency Services on 999 or 112 by mobile​.

Do not assume someone else has called the emergency services.

Full address of building:

Falfield Village Hall

Bristol Road




GL12 8DH


Do not return to the building until instructed to do so by a Fire Officer or person organising the event.

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