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Falfield Village Hall User Manual -   PDF Download


Accessing Falfield Village Hall & Heating Controls:


The hall foyer is accessed by use of a key that is held in the key safe located to the right of the entrance door.

The code for the safe is provided to key personnel of groups or individuals who hire the hall.

This code must not be shared with others within your group or other 3rd parties.

Enter the key code provided and turn the knob to access the key safe.

Loss of either keys or alarm tags will be charged to the hirer of the hall at the time of any loss.

Key Cost:

Alarm Fob:

Alarm System:      

The hall has an audible intruder alarm and external alarm strobe light.

In the key safe is the main entrance door key to which is attached a grey alarm fob.

There is an alarm control panel on the left as you enter the hall foyer just above the fire extinguisher.





Entry Process:

Upon entering the hall foyer the alarm will sound a beep after about 5 seconds, you will be required to place the key tag over the designated point on the alarm control panel (as shown in the image to the right), it will then beep and disarm the alarm system.


Exit Process:

Pass the grey alarm tag over the designated point on the alarm control panel (as shown in the image to the right).

The control panel will sound a loud buzzer for approximately 15 to 20 seconds as you exit, it will then stop and sound a single beep, the alarm is now set.


Main Hall & Entrance Foyer Heating:

The same system of control is used for both the entrance foyer & the main hall.

Entrance Foyer & Main Hall Heating:

The hall foyer heating is turned on by a push button which will turn on the heating for 1/4, 1/2, 1, 2, or 4 hours, if you require the heating for longer then you simply press the button again for as many times as you need the heating on for. 

Pressing the button will turn the time off.

The entrance foyer heating control automatically controls the ladies & gents toilet heating.

The + & - buttons on the thermostat will turn the heating target up & down.



Heating Control Locations:

Entrance Foyer heating control is above the fire extinguisher on the left as you enter the 

Main Hall heating control is on the right as you enter the hall.

Never turn the switch at that the bottom off. Ensure the red dot is always displayed.
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